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Welcome to my Google Cloud Website!

Install VM:

Enable Billing and then Select “My Cloud Project”

Select “Compute” category and “Compute Engine” sub-category

VM Instances – New Instance

  • Firewall: Allow HTTP
  • Zone: us-central1-a
  • Machine Type: Micro
  • Boot Source:
  • – New Disk, Delete boot disk: uncheck, Image: Debian 7
  • – Existing Disk, Delete boot disk: uncheck, Source Disk: instance-1
  • External IP: New static IP (if new) or select IP (if existing)
  • Create


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Security / Vulnerability Testing
1 Jan 1990

Security / Vulnerability Testing

Since my other websites got hacked/defaced, I am now going to start using this server for security /...
I am Keeping Google Cloud
1 Jan 1990

I am Keeping Google Cloud

Because: 1.) I like its fast performance, 2.) it is inexpensive enough at $6.46/mo, 3.) I can gai...
How to Setup Email
1 Jan 1990

How to Setup Email

Since email is not installed on this server, then must use Gmail's SMTP - see the Email menu option.

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